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All deposits to hold a puppy are Nonrefundable! It says this all over the website but I am also listing it here to be clear...we are passing on other buyers by holding a puppy for you!

This will even be included with all invoices I now send to be paid by credit card only so there are no discrepancies!

If you decide for any reason not to get the puppy, for example it is travel related, you can’t work the pickup date for drive in or flight reasons (NOTE: I do NOT ask how you are getting here to get your puppy, it is not my business, it is the BUYERS Responsibility to check with airlines on age requirements otherwise you will need to drive in like most people puppies usually leave somewhere around the 7th or 8th week but this is subject to change per puppy), illness or family related, COVID issues, you no longer want the puppy or for any other reason not listed, the deposit will NOT be refunded and it will now be noted on the invoice required for the hold. Other people could have had the opportunity to hold the puppy the entire time and look forward to photos (if available) so DO NOT place a deposit unless you are sure this is the pup you want. Otherwise it is best to wait and see where you are weeks from now and if a pup becomes available at a later date.

We will not refund deposits, no exceptions! 

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