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End of Summer

It has been a hot summer out here in south Texas but a fun one! (Please pray for some rain!) This week we say goodbye to our little shaded red mini doxie babies, who were soooo much fun!!!....and look ahead to Gingy's puppies due middle of September. Her last litter was gorgeous! These puppies will range somewhere around $1200 for those of you inquiring. This is based on the last litter which was in this range but is also subject to change. Hoping to get some patchwork dapples like last time! This puppies should be in the 9lb range. Time is flying by...we can't wait! Pebbles has also come into heat and should produce some longhair dapples. Check out her profile! We are waiting on Snuggles, Pancake and Twinkie to come into heat as well for more Christmas babies! Anyone looking for a Christmas baby will need to look early starting in October to reserve one!

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