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Male Dachshund Puppy VS Female Dachshund Puppy

Many breeders, including me, get lots more requests for girl doxies than boy doxies! I know 🤭gasp! Everyone thinks a male Doxie is not as sweet as a female and a male will mark the furniture or be more aggressive. But let me stop right there...THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE! If your male is fixed at the appropriate age, that helps prevent marking the furniture and going through this bad habit. There are also doggie diapers (which I love because my males are not fixed) They are even washable, but they also help with potty training and will help get you through the puppy stage. All doxies are stubborn potty trainers, Females and Males. And as far as sweetness, my males are much less fiesty than my females. Male dogs are so very loyal and they are truly just looking for love! They just want someone to snuggle them! So don’t ever discrimate! 🤪 Male dogs are ridiculously awesome! 😍

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