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Neopar Vaccine- Extra protection for our clients and pets!

For 2019, we will be giving our new puppies Neopar vaccine which is an extra prevention against the Parvo virus! They will get this as an additional combatant. Most puppies get their disease fighting antibodies with passive immunity from colostrum from mom within the first 24 hours of nursing. However some puppies are more feisty eaters and some piglets might get more than other pups limiting their antibodies.There is no way to know for sure how much each pup consumed so Neopar will help with that! For pups that got enough colostrum from mom, this does not hurt them. All pups will still received their 5 way shot (which includes Parvo) at the vet check before they leave. We just feel this could be an added benefit to our clients in combatting this horrible illness! Parvo is a very hardy virus and there are so many ways they can catch this. Anyone and everyone can get it! I encourage everyone to read on the internet about it before bringing your new baby home. I have even been told Parvo can live in the ground for years so you may never even know it’s there! Make sure to follow up with all shots and do boosters every year!

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