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-We do not ship airline cargo since there are temperature restrictions and I do not feel it is very safe. 

PET TRANSPORTATION: We will do PET ground transportation and can refer you a few places to book direct, however Citizen Shipper has been great in giving clients a guarantee and low cargo prices. I would recommend checking with them. These are booked direct and we can work with any shipper. 


FLY INTO SAN ANTONIO AIRPORT AND FLY BACK OUT THE SAME DAY. We will meet at the SAN ANTONIO airport to drop off. The airport is fairly small and we can swing thru departures and arrivals with puppy. We do not charge an additional fee for gas/time for this, however available only during the day 930am-3pm, check with me before booking a flight. They have some great low fares into San Antonio with southwest. Check with each airline for their rules and additional carry on pet fees. 


FLIGHT NANNY: If you want to do a flight nanny, I can refer you to some nannies. YOU MUST BE FLEXIBLE AS THEY DO FLY STANDBY and there are times when flight cancellations happen, or delays!  Sometimes they just can’t get on a flight due to standby overbooking. They have no control over the airlines!  They are saving the buyer money by flying standby. My suggestion would be to ASK for a rate to pay the additional for their ticket. They sometimes can get a discounted rate,and it is usually not much more!  This way they would get on a specific flight, and it would be less of a headache for everyone. This is of course more expensive. 

 I am only available to drop off at the San Antonio Texas airport during the daytime between 930am-3pm, (this needs to be put on reservation for the nanny at time of quote.) I do not charge an additional gas/drop off fee to San Antonio airport, however I am atleast an hour away from the airport and so I will NOT do early morning drop offs nor late drops offs (I have kids and pups to take care of nor do I want to be on the road at this hour.) I also do not want to be in downtown rush hour traffic so the only times I can drop off would be between 930am-3pm (if available, check with me before booking anything)

Nanny shipping is booked direct with them and paid directly to them. I do not book these) or you can find your own nanny/transportation I am more than happy to work with.

-Flyjng with puppies, ground transportation or booking a nanny is at Buyers risk and booked direct! We assume no responsibility after they leave our hands! 


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