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Howdy fellow Doxie lover! 

Our menu bars tabs will answer most of the questions I get daily…. Also note, The website works best with a phone! 


🐶Available pups : This tab lists our current availability- if there are no pups listed here….we have no availability at this time. If a puppy is still listed on the available tab it is currently available unless someone beats you to the deposit tab. You do not need to send me a message asking about the availability of a certain pup as I do try to mark them off as deposits are received (unless it’s after hours) and I have it set up to allow only one purchase of each deposit to try to avoid duplicates.

🐶Upcoming Litters : This tab has our future expecting litters, once confirmed as pregnant, I will try to update this page. I do not know what is coming up past about 60 days out. If you are looking for a puppy next year or over 60 days out, it’s best to check back when you are ready to purchase as heat cycles vary and sometimes I don’t breed them or breedings don’t take. 

🐶 There are TWO photo galleries on the menu bar, these are past pups, none of these are available

🐶 There is info on payments, deposits, shipping, policies, guarantees and more on the menu bar.

🐶We don’t do waitlist at this time,  -See “upcoming litter/our process” tab on getting a puppy


If you are looking for a cheap dog, I would suggest your local pound, vet, or Craigslist. I spend ALOT of money and time on my program, pups, dogs,  lineage, vet bills as well as our home facility so my pups will be on the higher pricing end. 

I am more than happy to answer any serious inquiries and questions on a particular pup but I do have 3 kids, dogs, pups, horses, cows and goats 🤪 …I usually will respond best to emails or texts in between kids activities and caring for animals.

These are the only 2 emails we correspond from: and

Phone/Text 830-391-8310 only between hours of 9am-5pm , best response will be email

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