We only have one more litter to be posted soon!
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❤️Upcoming Litters🐶

ONLY 1 more litter to go out shortly on the notification list for 2019...ready beginning of December! 

No Christmas Puppies, unless you pick up early the first or second week depending on arrival and hold them until Christmas... they will be early! Posted soon!

Possible 2 litters born in December not ready until end of Jan/Feb. Will update at a later date...no other info at this time until these are confirmed.

Interested in 🐶2020🐶 Litters:

Lots of pups early 2020! 🇱🇷 I do not know colors or breedings yet, but our colors usually vary. Shorthairs and longhairs. No further info at this time. If you are interested in adopting in 2020 you can subscribe to the notification with an email for free, once puppies are available they will go out by email.