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All About Dachshunds


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Dachshunds are cute and lovable however If you see a dachshund in your families future, please educate yourself on the breed and their specific needs before making a purchase!!!!

 Puppies come with the good and the bad, so please make sure you are ready for both! Dachshund puppies do bite and nibble, they explore the world with their mouths. They were bred as hunting dogs. They don’t come fully trained, they pee and they poo, and chew up belongings including shoes 😳 ...make sure you are ready for the commitment and training! A dachshund is a possible 15+ year commitment and they deserve good nutrition and care along with a life filled with love, training and adventure!


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Our puppies are currently fed high quality food, a sample will be given at pick up.

Our adult dogs diet varies and I do change it up with different high quality foods. I do not sell supplements or products. My dogs also get table food. Yes your heard it right TABLE FOOD (gasp) , and they love it! There are so many myths out there and most of the them are by companies or individuals selling products or trying to stick it to the consumers.I have had dogs eating table food since I had dogs as a kid, and most out living their life expectancy. Sooooo I am going to feed it and do it with some common sense. Of course IF my dogs were over weight or had health conditions then it is a no no. Each dog needs to be evaluated based on their health. For example, if my pregnant dogs need that extra nutrition, a couple extra pieces of chicken is definitely not going to hurt along with canned puppy food for extra calcium! In my opinion, chicken, beef, ham, healthy vegetables are good for them. There are so many poor quality foods out there with some nasty nasty stuff in them. Healthy leftovers are an excellent supplement to a companions regular fare. Plus who likes eating the same food over and over (blah) Too much of anything can kill you, even water. Important tip, NO onions, NO grapes, and NO raisins, and NO Chocolate of course. Dogs do not have the enzymes to break down these foods which can lead to poisoning of the dog. If your dog sneaks a piece of pizza, he probably won't die, but don't make it a regular habit because it can lead to liver damage, allergic reactions, weakness, vomiting and diarrhea. My kids are such piglets (that's being kind...its so bad!!!!!) and the dogs love coming inside sucking up their food like a roomba! Who will be the quickest!



Almost all breeds can have some issues, and whether your puppy/dog will have issues, no one knows for sure. We strive to produce puppies that are healthy and happy, but having pups be perfect 100 percent of the time is not realistic! Good breeders will come across abnormalities or ill pups every once in a while. I know that I try to do everything the right way and sometimes something odd pops up!  Just like when it occurs in humans, sometimes pups are born a certain way. They can have abnormalities or can be more susceptible to their environment and become ill easier. Sometimes they don’t get enough colostrum from mom which affects their immunity. We will pull dogs from our breeding program if we find them to breed pups with life threatening genetic defects as It’s hard to know what was bred by previous breeders into years and years of lineage and it can skip some generations in dogs, and show up later.

Some health conditions are in fact difficult to detect with genetic testing because they can be caused by a combo of the interaction of multiple genes and environmental factors. Therefore, Genetic testing is available for limited issues for the dachshund breed, and isn’t a guarantee to always be accurate. We will continue testing for dachshund breed disorders on new breeding stock for our benefit. It is done by a third party testing center, and so we are only using these tests to try to better our program such as If a dog is tested with a disorder it will be pulled from the program. Genetic tests make no guarantees a dog won’t have issues.
An example, such as the PRA testing for Cord 1PRA defect can be sent for testing HOWEVER there are roughly 35 different eye disorders that can affect the dachshund breed and for most of these disorders there is NO Test. Therefore, testing for PRA cord 1 and advertising a dog or puppy as PRA clear can be misleading and inaccurate when there are so many eye disorders in the breed, a breeder does not know with certainly they are clear of all 35 eye disorders. Again, yes It is one step to try to better the breed, but genetic results have absolutely no 100% guarantee that any dog will or will not have problems. Many breeders and I have even seen many inaccuracies in the testing results between testing centers.

Here are some common issues in Dachshunds.

-Dachshunds have a genetic predisposition for a luxating patella. THERE IS NO GENETIC TEST FOR THIS. This has to do with the knee cap of the dog where it moves out of position. Sometimes it is genetic and sometimes is brought on by injury. This is not covered under the genetic guarantee. 

-OVERBITES: The dachshund breed is prone to have overbites as are other long muzzled dog breeds. Most of these overbites are usually recognizable by 4-10 weeks. Most of the time they are cosmetic and puppies eat and adapt well. However, I do not know what the overbite will be like as they grow into adulthood. This is a risk taken when purchasing a young pup, as there is nothing I or anyone can do to prevent this as it will sometimes pop up in the breed! I do NOT know how it will grow as each puppy is so different nor the end result. Some overbites can be corrected with growth spurts but sometimes the overbite remains or can get worse. Most Overbite puppies don’t have problems, but each case is different, sometimes they do need teeth pulled or shaved down. There is no way I can determine how they will grow and what the outcome will be. I do get people that actually request and look for overbite puppies because they like the look, but again this randomly pops up. None of our breeding dogs have overbites! Again, There is no way to prevent the overbites, no genetic testing available. We will never breed a dog with an overbite or if a litter pairing shows an overbite pup we will not breed that same litter again. Overbites are always As-IS.

-IVDD/Back Problems

The IVDD variant is found in nearly all dachshunds, as they are bred for the long back and spine, and short legs. Dachshunds account for up to 75% of medical dog cases, more than any other breed. The genetic test is pointless, as almost every dachshund will show affected, because they are bred for these characteristics. There is no risk test. Not every dachshund develops IVDD in their lifetime. Also, the gene is not the most common factor in determining whether or not your dog will be affected by IVDD or not. Statistics show that this gene is responsible for only about a 5% increase in the chances your dog would ever be affected by IVDD in its lifetime. Again, almost all dachshunds show positive to IVDD on genetic testing panels, therefore the testing gives no guarantee and does not give accurate information.

Since back problems are common in Dachshunds with their long backs....They are usually one of the following:

1: Acute injuries, ones usually lasting 3 to 6 months. Most of time these are from jumping, falling or rough housing and can heal with time and rest. 

2: Oldness…we all will get there, we are all doomed  😉😜 Normal wear and tear on the spine.

3: IVDD: Intervertebral disc disease where the discs age faster than normal becoming dry, brittle, and fragile. Which again, the genetic testing panels are not accurate.

BE PROACTIVE AND USE THESE ​TIPS: Try to keep your dog fit, lean, and active. Extra weight adds to stress on the spine. Active dogs have strong muscles with good blood flow which can help support the spine. I believe a person should USE A HARNESS INSTEAD OF A COLLAR. To avoid pressure on the neck and back. And lastly try to teach them not to jump. This one is a hard one for my crew, and they dont listen but try using a ramp or stairs if at all possible.


Alopecia is common in many different breeds, including dachshunds. It can show up in diluted colors sometimes even colored dogs. We will never breed dogs showing signs of hair loss for color dilution alopecia, It is more common to occur in blue and  Izzy pups/dogs but can occur in any color. If you put a deposit/purchase a blue or isabella pup you need to understand their is always a possibility it could occur later in life and is not covered under the infectious or  life threatening genetic guarantee. There is NO genetic test available to breeders for Color Dilution Alopecia. I  personally have not seen it my pups nor has it ever been reported to me as popping up in a previous dog but I can never make a guarantee. This is at buyers risk.

(ALL DOGS and even some Humans CARRY DEMODEX MANAGE...It is very common and you can NOT prevent this)  but sometimes puppies will get this since their immune system is still developing and isn’t yet strong enough to fight it off. However, It goes away as their immune system kicks in as they grow. This is not the same as sarcoptic manage, it is a different mite. Sarcoptic manage is very contagious to humans and other dogs!

-Dapple dachshunds can sometimes get dappling in their eyes or iris colobomas. There is no test for this and no way to prevent this. Sometimes but rarely this can cause issues with bright light. Iris Colobomas show up in every Aussie dapple dog and are sometimes seen in the dapple dachshunds as well.

-Degenerative Myelopathy - a disease affecting the spinal cord, resulting in a slowly progressive himb limb weakness.

-Osteogenesis Iperfecta - an inhereited disease that causes defective collagen, leading to fragile bones and teeth. (Brittle Bone Disease)




We absolutely love our dachshunds! They are a breed that melts your heart! They each have their very own personality and are always willing to please. They are very loyal animals. Some attach to one specific person and some attach to everyone in the family. They have a fierce roar, which makes them great mini guard dogs, but rarely bite as adults. Our dachshunds have grown up around babies and NEVER bitten any of the kids no matter how they played or dressed them up in ridiculous outfits or carried them around. They tolerated it but not every dachshund is the same, and they do need training from the very start!!!!! This will determine how they act as an adult. You need to make sure there is plenty of room for your dachshund to play and burn off that extra energy. Dachshunds love to hunt!! As puppies, some will play aggressively (remember: they were genetically bred to be this way) and they can bite, so they need to be trained to know their place. They are extremely intelligent dogs but yep stubborn. They all want to be the dominant dog and be the boss and they explore the world with their mouths. 

Dachshund means badger dog in German and were recognized by the AKC in 1885. Some believe the dachshund dates back to Egyptian times but others believe the Germans are totally responsible for developing the breed. Dachshunds have a great sense of smell and are very smart animals. Some dachshunds are even used by the police due to their great sense of smell. Dachshunds are low to the ground, have long bodies and short legs. Dachshund love to chase birds and rabbits, and love to herd cattle, and they looovvve hunting for gophers. They usually bring us back a tasty treat once or twice a week....uummm YUCK!!! They are also great snake hunters!

​Dachshunds love kids and like to have other animal playmates. They do not like to be alone. Some can develop anxiety about being left alone, or get anxiety when visiting the vet or unfamiliar places. Getting your dog out in the world at an early age will help!   They need that human/animal interaction each and everyday and a partner in crime! At the same time, dachshunds can be very lazzzzyyyy. In the heat of the day, you will find dachshund madness on the couch. Dogs upside down and stacked on one another. BEWARE...Dachshunds not only rule the roost but rule the recliner! How the heck they sleep in some of these positions beats me, but they will sleep the heat away! They are great dogs to snuggle up with. My pups hardly move at night and will lay in bed just like a human, they just want to be loved!...however, some snore LOUD!!! (Twinkie...I'm talking about YOU little momma!!!)





​As far as selecting a male or a female puppy, they both are wonderful, they are all affectionate and they are all loyal! They ALL have their own potty training issues, one is not better than another and if they are spayed/neutered at the appropriate age, most problems will begin to fade with proper training. If you have more than one dog, there will always be a pecking order, whether it be female or male. Most dachshunds, male or female, will get along with everyone, pets and people. The majority of people are looking for females, and I think they have been misinformed about males! Males have the best personalities! Most people think females will make the best family members but males are extremely sweet too! They are always looking to please and be loved! Some females tend to be a little more feisty than some males and I think most males are usually more on the laid back side and require a need for tenderness and affection. Seriously, if I had to choose one, I couldn't! They really are like potato can never have just ONE!



The AKC is the older of the two, established in 1884, the company has been around for a long time, completes kennel inspections, and is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its registry. They advocate for the purebred dog as the family companion. All puppies come from purebred AKC parents and so on down the line.

​The CKC was first established in 1991. CKC allows dogs into the registry based on two witnesses verifying the validity of the breed, along with pictures of the dog. CKC then determines if the dog is the breed or not.

There are also several more registries.



There are 3 coat lengths in dachshunds:





Longhair coats can definitely vary in length from longer on the ears and shorter on the body to extremely long all over to the ground long, to medium length long. Length will always vary. Not controllable and we can never make any guarantees.

​Doxies come in a range of different colors such as Shaded Red, Red, Shaded Cream, Cream,  Blue & Cream, Black & Cream, Black & Tan, Chocolate & Cream, Brindle, Blue, Chocolate, Chocolate & Tan, Isabella & Cream, Isabella & Tan

 Dachshunds come in different patterns such as dapple and piebald.


We breed miniature dachshunds and tweenie size dachshunds. We do not breed toy, or micro dachshunds. I personally think the smaller they are the uglier they are, and they don't have good bone structure and you are sacrificing quality for the size. Keep in mind, Miniature Dachshunds were originally bred down from standard dachshund lines and there are lots of generations of dogs lines that factor into a dogs size that are not controllable...... sometimes they bring a smaller size dog and sometimes they are a larger size dog, sometimes you get a mix of sizes. NO HONEST BREEDER WILL EVER GUARANTEE A SIZE! Breeders can have two 10 pound miniatures mate and produce puppies in a litter that at 1 year of age have adult weights of  6lbs -17 lbs all from the same litter. I have personally seen it happen, and it has a lot to do with each dogs past genetics/breeding lines, what genes each puppy happens to get, BUT ALSO the individual dogs growth factors, environment, exercise, immune system, and feedings. There are too many factors that can affect the size of a puppy during their first year of growth. These are not controllable and I will never guarantee a size!


We can not guarantee your puppy to be the same shape, size or conformation as their parents. Each puppy will be different and each one will get different genes. We as breeders do not control what characteristics each pup gets! Most people understand this but there are always a few that seem to think breeders have a magic wand we can wave to produce exactly what you tell us. (This is not build a bear 🐻 😂.) You don’t build kids this way either! Dogs could have shorter legs or longer legs, shorter or longer body, longer or short coat , shorter or longer ears, shorter or longer muzzle, larger or smaller weight, longer, shorter or kinked tails and the list goes on and on. NO BREEDER CAN CONTROL WHAT A PUPPY GETS FROM GENERATIONS AND GENERATIONS OF LINEAGE! What is imperfect to one person is perfect to another. You should be willing to love a dog for he/shes imperfections as well as perfections!

As a reputable honest breeder we strive to produce dogs with few flaws, but flaws and defects can happen to any good breeder. We believe that health and temperament are the highest priority!  All of our dogs were screened for temperament by me and the kiddos to make sure they fit our program! I have no aggressive dogs in my pack of doxies! 😁



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