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Deposits & Payments

Thank you for your interest in one of our Muddy River Babies!

To put a deposit on a puppy please read below....ALL DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE TO HOLD A PUPPY.

​-Please contact me by email, text or phone. Upon email/text approval/conversation of approval you may place a deposit, Availability can change quickly. We can not hold the pup for a whole day or days waiting on a deposit, so please make the deposit WITHIN THE HOUR if you are wanting to place a hold. I end up passing on other buyers wanting to place a deposit, sometimes end up with two or three deposits on the same pup, it gets to be a mess.

Payment options:

-Cash (Deposit can be brought to Floresville or dropped off in San Antonio/New Braunfels area with family)

-Paypal: we can email you an invoice or in PayPal you can put in our email and send the payment. Paying as friends and family is the only way to avoid the fee.

***There is no transaction fee on the $300 deposit but there is a 4.5% transaction fee on balances if they are not paid by cash to cover credit card machine fees/PayPal fees/batch and system fees

-Credit Card/Checking: Pay on the website with paypal or credit card or call me and I can process the payment.

***There is no transaction fee on the $300 deposit but there is a 4.5% transaction fee on balances if they are not paid by cash to cover credit card machine fees/PayPal fees/batch and system fees

-NO checks/NO money orders

(please note: We are aware of the cashiers check scam and will not accept payments this way and you will be reported)


We require atleast a deposit of $300 (nonrefundable) to hold a dachshund puppy until ready for their new home. Again, this deposit is nonrefundable, as the puppy is being put on hold for you and we are passing on other buyers. If the puppy is being delivered/shipped, the balance must be paid in full 10 DAYS before. Shipping Is always paid by the buyer/client. All other balances need to be paid by the 7th week of age of the puppy. Failure to pay the balances by the DUE DATE will result in the puppy being put back up for sale and deposits forfeited.

We can also invoice you weekly if you want to slowly pay off the balance until the puppy is ready to leave.

All payments, deposits and balances, are non refundable unless the dog would sadly pass away.

-All puppies posted are on a first come first serve basis. We always get first pick.

-Once the deposit or balance is paid there are NO refunds or switching dogs unless the dog would sadly pass away.

​-Puppies normally leave our care at 8 weeks of age. Each puppy will be evaluated individually for a release date and the new puppy parents need to be understanding that the puppies health is our utmost concern. We are so excited for you to get your new baby, but we must make sure he or she is put first mentally and physically.

-Holding Puppies: Puppies not picked up by 8 weeks of age, will need to be paid in full by the 7th week to be held plus boarding fee. They will be held at a daily rate of $10 daily/boarding rate. If you do not pay your puppy in full they will be available for adoption by other families. This rarely happens but has happened, If I can not reach you by phone or email after several attempts, we will automatically place puppies back up for adoption. Same applies to paying the balance on your puppy. It is your responsibility to make the final balance by the due date and failure to do so will result in loss of deposit and puppies being placed back up for adoption. Most clients I speak to weekly by sending photos and updates of their new pup.

- ALL OF OUR DOGS ARE AKC BRED! Puppies are listed as pet only-Spay/Nueter, or come with limited AKC registration -Spay/Nueter as noted. They are being sold as family pets. I rarely list puppies with Full AKC for breeding or showing, as Full AKC will have a much higher price. We have the right to place puppies and deny anyone a sale and refund a deposit at anytime if we do not feel the puppy will go to a good home.

-No puppies will be sold to puppy mills, pet brokers, research facilities, pet flippers nor to pet stores....they are looking for FOREVER homes ONLY. If I find out I was manipulated and lied to and one of my dogs was purchased for this reason I will file suit against the perpetrator to get the dog back, along with monetary damages. I only want my dogs going to companion loving homes!

-We can deliver/ship to some areas. Please inquire for pricing. Puppy Nanny Service/Airlines is an option. Everything is very dependent on the weather, if it is too hot or too cold their can be restrictions on the flights therefore they will have to go Nanny Service which usually costs $400, ask for a quote! We only ship in air controlled airlines, however exterior temperature can cause issues. We usually can meet for free within a 30 mile radius, after that we do charge by the mile unless prior agreement is made.

We offer a one year GENETIC Health Guarantee. This covers life threatening genetic defects. Please see contract area.