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Pricing, Payments & Deposit Information

Thank you for your interest in one of our Muddy River Babies! We are an AKC Dachshund breeder.


ALL DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS ARE NONREFUNDABLE TO HOLD A PUPPY. You can email/text/call for invoice, add puppy to cart to pay in full (if available) or add PUPPY DEPOSIT to cart (under the Puppies for sale tab) to place a deposit and pay cash at pick up. Our website is usually up to date.

For the puppy deposit option, please make a note in the message area at checked on the puppy you are selecting or text or email me so I can mark them off. You can also text/email/call me for a paypal invoice if you can not locate the tab. Once the deposit or balance is paid there are NO refunds or switching dogs unless the dog would sadly pass away. (See contract tab for more info)



Our puppy prices run from $950-$3500 depending on color, sex, parentage/ dog lines. Dapples usually run the highest.

Males usually run $950 and up

Females usually run $1250 and up.



 Our dogs are sold as....

PET ONLY: Puppies are listed and sold as pet only (no papers-I prefer to sell as pet only for many reasons including dog flippers)


Puppies come with limited AKC registration - on a Spay/neuter contract.

(This is noted next to the price.)


LIMITED AKC means NO breeding rights! The puppy is sold on a spay/neuter contract and no litters can be registered by this puppy. Limited papers are released once proof of spay/neuter are received before 1 year of age. With limited papers you can register and name the dog through AKC and the puppy can participate in Obedience, Tracking, Field Trails, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility, and Earthdog. Visit for more information on these events.


FULL AKC will be on certain litters only, and will be at a much higher price. If it is available, it will be listed. 


❤️❤️❤️We have the right to place puppies and deny anyone a sale and refund a deposit at anytime at our discretion without giving a reason!!! I will not deal with any loco stuff 😳. I want all of our pups to go to an awesome home!! We are a good family breeder and only the best will do for our pups! 😁 No puppies will be sold to puppy mills, pet brokers, research facilities, pet flippers nor to pet stores....they are looking for FOREVER homes ONLY.


Puppies will vary on their nonrefundable deposit depending on price. Minimum Nonrefundable Deposit is usually $500 on Puppies under $1500. Any puppies over $1500 will have a nonrefundable deposit that will vary.


-PLEASE NOTE: A puppy can not be held without a deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS! First deposit holds a pup.



Cash at pick up.

NO CHECKS/NO MONEY ORDERS (We are aware of the scams!)

Please note we always get first pick! No holding pups without a deposit! No predeposits! 

Our puppies are picked up at 7/8 weeks which is what AKC recommends for best adjustment into their new homes. (See blog) Balances are due by 6 weeks of age for credit card payments, if not a cash pickup at 7/8 weeks of age! Failure to pay balances by the due date will result in forfeit of your deposit and the Puppies being relisted for adoption!

 If you are a local pick up, please pay the balance by CASH at pick up. If you do not pay cash, and credit card/PayPal is used, you will incur a 5.5% FEE on the balance.

PAY IN FULL: If pay in full option is available you will be able to add puppy to cart. The 5.5% Fee will ONLY be waived in advance for full pay for a varied amount of time. (AT THE TIME OF DEPOSIT ONLY.) For example, If you only pay the $500 Nonrefundable Deposit, the puppy balance will incur the fee if you want to pay it by credit card or paypal anytime after the deposit. To save on this fee, please pay your puppy in full in advance (if available) or cash at pickup!



I can usually ship but prefer not to ship, prefer pick ups. You can-use a puppy nanny on a flight for delivery, hand delivered. I can give you a contact number for a puppy nanny. Clients pay for it directly through them and it would be at your risk with no guarantee. I will drop off at the San Antonio airport free of charge.

There are also several local dog nanny’s who will drive and drop off your puppy usually for a fair price. This works especially great if you are across Texas for example and they can drive from here to your location the same day. The fees have been fairly priced.

-Delivery/Shipping is ALWAYS an additional fee paid by the BUYER and at the BUYERS Risk! If your puppy becomes sick or injured this is at your RISK as we can not control the environment. We are never responsible for your transportation cost to get here to pick up the pup should something happen such as an injury or illness.

Pricing usually runs about $450-$475 for air delivery. For that amount you can usually fly in or drive in for cheaper, visit the Alamo and riverwalk 😁 and pick up your pup. We will meet outside the airport in the baggage area free of charge or in San Antonio or Seguin.

Local driver services I have seen run $140 and up.

MEET FOR PICKUP FREE OF CHARGE: We do get a lot of out of town clients and I can meet in San Antonio if needed or HOUSTON clients I can meet in Seguin for pick up which will cut 2 1/2 hours off your drive here round trip! (Depending on flexibility of your schedule) I usually make one trip per puppy litter over to that area so please be flexible. Otherwise, I can possibly meet within a 30 minute area from my home if needed.




Our dogs and puppies are fed high quality dog food. I am currently feeding Blue Buffalo products. (We will give you a sample when you pick up your puppy!)


High quality care is costly for all of our dogs and puppies, (some breeders don’t do it), but we DO invest in their health (mentally and physically) and their well being because it matters to us! You can see this from our photos and Facebook page our animals are well cared for.


As a protection for us and our clients, ALL of our puppies are vet checked before leaving! They will receive their first shots at the vet as well.


We spend time not only having fun and playing but there is LOTS and LOTS of cleaning, feeding, bathing, vet visits, all hours of the day and night delivering pups and caring for puppies and moms (24/7 at times) , emergency vet visits and after hours fees, puppy delivery supplies/nursery supplies, emergency supplies, medical supplies, puppy pads, blankets, dog and puppy toys, bones, record keeping, lots and lots of photo sessions (which are pretty crazy and lengthy at times 😂), emailing and speaking with clients as well as potential clients, vaccinations, flea, heartwormer, wormer, pest control, fence fixing, pooper scooping, fly baiting, and paperwork/documentation for AKC, and paperwork for my files as needed....just to name a few! Whew! 🤪  Doing it the right way, Dog breeding is costly and a heck of a lot of work! We love it but we work our butts off too! Our prices reflect this and we work really hard taking care of our dogs and pups, the best way possible. There is a lot of money financially that goes back into our dogs. From our large yards and upkeep, including we are working on saving for an additional room onto the house for our puppy room and an indoor/outdoor facility eventually when the weather is too hot or cold to run around in, besides my living room and kitchen! 🙃 We try to get back to potential clients and clients as soon as we can, but please be understanding as I am caring for lots of animals as well as 3 kiddos and so there are times when I will not have my phone on me to return a call immediately but we will get back to you as soon as we are available! 


-Puppies normally leave our care at the 7th week of age or 8th week of age, which is what AKC recommends for best adjustment into their new home and surroundings. Our puppies are raised indoors and interacted with everyday by my kids so they come prespoiled. Our puppies health and development is a priority, so if the puppy needs extra time before leaving we will let you know and please be understanding. Otherwise please plan on picking up about the 7th week/8th week, date will be noted.


-Holding Puppies: Effective 02-15-19 I will no longer hold puppies. If you are not available on that date for pickup, then you will need to wait on placing a deposit and see if this puppy is still available when you are ready to pick up. I am not a kennel and do not have staff, my babies are raised inside my home and only family who helps watch my dogs and pups. I used to charge a $20 boarding fee per day but it messes up our activities with friends and family when you are a small breeder and do the work yourself. We try to plan around our litters in advance.

If I can not reach you by phone or email after several attempts, we will automatically place puppies back up for adoption. Same applies to paying the balance on your puppy. It is the clients responsibility to make the final balance by the due date and failure to do so will result in loss of deposit and puppies being placed back up for adoption. Most clients I speak to weekly by sending photos and updates of their new pup so usually this is not a problem.