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Deposits, Payments, Nanny, Shipping info

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Thank you for your interest in one of our Muddy River Babies! We are an AKC Dachshund breeder and have been inspected by AKC 06-21-2019 and are in full compliance! 🐾


                                       DEPOSIT INFO

ALL DEPOSITS or PAYMENTS ARE NONREFUNDABLE  and NON-MOVEABLE TO HOLD A PUPPY. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! We are passing on other potential buyers/clients to hold the puppy so make sure this is the puppy you want before placing a deposit or paying in full, money will NOT be moved and it will NOT be refunded for any reason you may have.

Nonrefundable Deposits do vary and are listed under each puppies tab or a pay in full amount is requested.

 We CAN NOT hold a puppy for you without the deposit.

 We DO NOT accept Predeposits or first picks!

If a deposit or payment is placed early on, clients are sent photos of their baby so they can watch them grow STARTING at about 4/5 weeks of age (The Start date is given in the advertisement and any additional photo days.) These can range 7-12 days apart.  I do not do videos, the photos I send are extremely time consuming and not just snapped with a cell phone. You are getting quality photos at sessions. It takes me a couple days to do baths, take photos of puppies, go through 100’s-1000’s of litter photos, send the photos from the computer to my phone, organize them and then send them to clients) Usually I do only photos on Sunday/Mondays with my schedule as I get time.

                      PAYMENT OPTIONS 

NO CHECKS/NO MONEY ORDERS/NO VENMO( We are aware of the scams!) Accepted payments: Credit Card with an additional fee and cash

 Our puppies are usually picked up at 7th or 8th week which is what AKC recommends for best adjustment into their new homes. (See blog)

 -All of our dogs are sold as pets, companion animals only!

 - ALL OF OUR DOGS ARE AKC BRED! Pricing is listed on each puppies individual tab and will vary. Pricing is firm! 

 Our dogs are sold as.... (noted next to the price)

1: PET ONLY: Puppies are listed and sold as pet only (no papers, no registration allowed, puppy is companion family pet)

 2: LIMITED AKC REGISTRATION: No breeding rights, Sold as a pet, On a Spay/neuter contract. My contract and guarantees are NOT Transferrable to someone else! These 2 conditions must be met: Need to return contract signed that was received at pup pick up WITHIN 7 days AND provide proof of spay/neuter by a licensed vet BY 9 MONTHS of age, NO LATER!!!  Once both conditions are met, the limited akc papers will be ordered (usually takes a couple weeks) and then emailed, No exceptions! Again, Most people don’t want or care about the limited papers but if you want the limited papers you will need to follow these 2 conditions on the contract! Puppy is a companion pet. With limited papers you can register the dog online for an additional AKC fee of usually $50-$100

Full AKC NOT offered at this time


COLORS AND PATTERNS: Dachshunds come in many colors and patterns. We will list an estimated description of their color/pattern under each puppy for sale tab. Of course as they grow this could change, we can not control color and patterns especially when they are listed as newborns as it will change. If you are set on a specific color/pup then we ask that you wait to place a deposit until 6-8 weeks when they have grown more into their color and coat.


We have the right to place puppies and deny anyone a sale at anytime at our discretion without giving a reason!!!

We are a good family breeder and only the best will do for our pups! 😁 I am a very fair and honest breeder and I will not put up with crazy and rude people…. Serious Inquiries only! No puppies will be sold to puppy mills, pet brokers, research facilities, pet flippers nor to pet stores....they are looking for FOREVER homes ONLY.


                              SHIPPING BY NANNY

Please see specific puppy if Nannys are available, they will only be on certain puppies and litters. Nanny fees are booked by clients and paid direct to them. We do not ship cargo!!! Right now the airlines have gone crazy with changes, cancellations and delays so you have to be understanding as Nannie’s fly stand by unless you want to pay additional for their ticket. Check with the nanny for fees.

I will only do drop offs at San Antonio airport for clients who want to fly in and fly out on their purchased ticket at a certain times between 9am-3pm (if available)



                             PICKUPS/DROP OFFS

 See Pick Up and Visitation Tab on menu bar for more info: Quick notes:--We are never responsible for your transportation cost to get here to pick up the pup should something happen that delays the date that the puppy can leave, for example an injury, illness, or even just needing more time.

-We are not responsible if there is a delay due to your airtravel or nanny service issues, (IF available). You must book these direct with the nanny if this is an available option.  So if you live far away, or are planning a trip here, you MUST be flexible! Please beware the pick up date could change at anytime and this is a risk you are taking by placing a deposit to hold a pup. Nanny and flight fees are always paid by the buyer to the shipper. 

- I do NOT ask if you are driving in, flying in, taking a train, private jet, bus or magical flying unicorn. Obviously this is none of my business!  On all advertisements, I give the puppy info and pick up date for each pup. Most people do drive in, However, if you are flying in, The client is of course responsible for making their own flight arrangements and following their airlines guidelines and rules. I release my pups usually around the 7th or 8th week which AKC recommends. We do not book flights or know each airlines or private jets policies. You fly with puppy at your own risk!

 -I DO NOT ship out of the country! But we have had clients fly in from Canada and Mexico to pick up and take the pup home with them. Check with your countries rules before purchasing. 

-I DO NOT ship cargo!


Adult Dogs: Ever so often I may have an adult dog available for a rehoming fee. They will be posted on the menu bar. These dogs are all AS IS and come with no guarantees due to their age. They are picked directly up from my vet at neuter/spay. 



Our dogs and puppies are fed high quality dog food.

High quality care is costly for all of our dogs and puppies, (some breeders don’t do it), but we DO invest in their health (mentally and physically) and their well being because it matters to us! You can see this from our photos and Facebook page our animals are part of our family and well cared for. They are not left up in kennels all day and have acres and acres of land to play and hunt and adventure out.

We spend time not only having fun and playing but there is LOTS and LOTS of cleaning, feeding, bathing, vet visits, all hours of the day and night delivering pups and caring for puppies and moms (24/7 at times) , emergency vet visits and after hours fees, puppy delivery supplies/nursery supplies, emergency supplies, wellness supplies, medical supplies, puppy pads, blankets, dog and puppy toys, bones, kennel replacements, dog house replacements, record keeping, lots and lots of photo sessions (which are pretty crazy and lengthy at times 😂), emailing and speaking with clients as well as potential clients, vaccinations, flea, heartwormer, wormer, pest control, fence fixing, pooper scooping, fly baiting, and paperwork/documentation for AKC, and paperwork for my files as needed....just to name a few! Whew 🤪! Taking care of puppies is a 24 hour job, not a 9-5 job. My pups are fed many times before my family and before my morning “get it together momma” energizing amino acid drink! 😂 Doing it the right way, Dog breeding is costly and a heck of a lot of work! Anyone who says otherwise has no idea and is doing it half-tush. We love it but we work our butts off too! Our prices reflect this because we work really hard taking care of our dogs and pups, giving up lots of free time, raising them the best way possible. There is a lot of money financially that goes back into caring for our dogs and puppies as well as into our large yards and facilities which take tons of upkeep, time and money as well. We have also just finished building an indoor doggy delivery/puppy building! ❤️ If you are looking for a cheap dog, I would refer you to your local newspaper, puppy pound or Craigslist. 

-We try to get back to potential clients and clients as soon as we can, but please be understanding as I am caring for lots of animals as well as 3 kiddos and so there are times when I will answer back quickly and times when I will not have my phone on me to return a call immediately but we will always get back to you as soon as we are available! If I don’t answer back, there is usually a reason! 😳

 -Puppies normally leave our care at the 7th week of age or 8th week of age, which is what AKC recommends for best adjustment into their new home and surroundings. Our puppies are raised indoors and interacted with everyday by my kids so they come prespoiled. Our puppies health and development is a priority. We do give an pickup date however this is always subject to change and is not a guarantee. For example, if the puppy needs extra time before leaving for health or mental reasons, we will let you know and you will need to be able to adjust your schedule.

 -Holding Puppies:  I will NOT be able to hold puppies. If you are not available on that date for pickup, then you will need to check with me before placing a deposit or wait on placing a deposit to see if this puppy is still available when you are ready to pick up. I am not a kennel with staff, my babies are raised inside and I only have family who helps watch my dogs and pups. We try to plan around our litters in advance. So please be aware of the pick up date on the advertisement and make sure this works for you. If I do happen to agree in advance to hold a puppy, there is an additional $20 a day fee (per puppy) past the pick up date. This will need to be paid in advance with the entire balance to hold.

If I can not reach you by phone or email after 3 attempts, we will automatically place puppies back up for adoption and you will lose your deposit. If you do not respond to scheduling your pick up appointment, you will lose your deposit. 

It is extremely important to be able to reach you as pick up date approaches, as I do have a busy schedule and try to schedule everyone a couple weeks in advance and plan activities around these pickups. 

Same applies to paying the balance on your puppy if there is one. It is the clients responsibility to make the final balance by the due date and failure to do so will result in loss of deposit and puppies being placed back up for adoption.

Most clients I speak to weekly or every other week by sending photos and updates of their new pup so usually this is not a problem, but it is not my responsibility to hunt you down, you will need to confirm final payment and pick up date about 2 weeks out.

©2021 Muddy River Dachshunds