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Safety of our newborn puppies is a priority at the ranch! NO SALE is worth us losing a litter of puppies because we allowed someone to bring in kennel cough or parvo! We know that every new doxie mom and dad wants to see their new puppy but since puppies are EXTREMELY susceptible to parasites and diseases we DO NOT allow visitation at our home until they have atleast received their first round of shots sometime at 6 weeks of age. Most puppies go home at 7 weeks to 8 weeks of age, so we rarely do any visitations. We send out lots of photos and live video for you to see your puppy and watch them grow!  There are many diseases and parasites that can be deadly to a puppy and visitors can bring them in from casual contact, from the bottom of their shoes, hands, clothing, and pets. We DO NOT allow you to bring other pets with you to pick up your puppy! Diseases can live on shoes and clothing for DAYS! These can be picked up in pets stores, parking lots, parks, vets, gas stations, ANYWHERE A DOG HAS BEEN! Safety of my family, my dogs and puppies and property hold priority. I recently had a dog disappear, possibly stolen and we have been heartbroken, so it is not worth risking my dogs getting sick or taken. We have set up camera surveillance in some areas of the property for the future and will continue to add on.

Pick ups need to be scheduled in advance and we will get with you on a date and time as it gets closer. I personally prefer to meet people in town for pickup.

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