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Muddy river dachshunds puppies for sale 
Dachshund puppies

Our home/kennels were inspected by AKC on 06-21-2019 and on 12-14-2022 we are in full compliance with a wonderful review! 😁🐶

Sometimes I do pick ups here and sometimes I do not!!! and I will meet in town. We have a lot going on with kid activities and trying to coordinate with everyone. This will be determined at a date closer to pick up! 

Also Please note: I have had several people get flat tires coming down the miles of rough dirt road and in small vehicles not made for this rough road! Rocks fly and can cause damage to your vehicle. We have even personally had a lot of flat tires with our 3 big trucks (6 in one week) and full replacement of tires on my truck after only a few months....the county does not maintain the road well. Stranded also puts a damper on your plans and my family plans…I can always meet in Floresville or Poth for pick up if you don’t want to drive this road. 

Dachshunds on our ranch


Some of our policies on visitation have changed for various reasons including health and safety concerns for my family, dogs, puppies and property. 

All pick ups are scheduled in advance with appointment times. Pick up procedures could change at anytime especially with Covid or the weather.

Airport pick ups: If you want to fly in and pick up, Airport drop offs will vary depending on the puppy/litter. Pick ups will need to be during the day 930am-3pm and  approved in advance to make sure someone is available to drive to San Antonio. It takes me an hour to hour half to get to San Antonio depending on traffic. At this time there is no fee for airport drop offs, but this is subject to change per puppy and will be listed on the  advertisement if there is an additional fee. For nanny shipping options click here.

For pick ups here, We will go over more info as your pick up date approaches for the safety of all. If you do pickups here, We will meet you outside for pickup upon arrival. I do plan activities before and after appointments and not showing up on time does cut into family time and other clients pick up times, so please try to be on time. Pick up will only take a few minutes. We do not have a public bathroom or allow people in our home for obvious safety reasons, there is one in town before you get here! 

For Pickups in town: (Floresville/Poth) If I am doing pickups in Poth or Floresville, we can schedule a time to meet up as pick up date approaches. I have lots of kids activities, appointments and personal stuff going on at times, so I will do pickups in town as needed. Sometimes it is way too much for me to run back and forth to town and the house for pickups, as we do not live in town, so it’s easier to meet. Also, my dogs are out playing on the ranch, and I have to wrangle them all up in the yard so they don’t get ran over by clients coming in when I do visits here. They will surround your car where you can’t move, so to avoid all the extra time and work plus ruining all the fun the dogs are having, it’s easier to meet many times. There is always one dog on the lose somewhere that I can’t find and I would be devastated if a client runs over one of my dogs. Plus horses and cattle are out.

I have posted more information/photos on our website and Facebook page than any other breeders pages I have ever seen. (If this is not enough for you and you still have questions 😳, then I am not the breeder for you!) We try to be as transparent as possible! You can go to our TWO website galleries, About Us page- lots photos on the bottom of that page, our Facebook and Instagram page for tons of photos of our dogs and our operations. 

Also, just a funny note about going to breeders homes! I have been to 3 different breeders homes to pick up and saw 1 DOG, yes 1 DOG at all 3 homes, so just because you go to their home to pick up doesn’t mean your even going to see dogs (plural). 🤷‍♀️

We have been inspected by AKC and have an inspection report, showing we are in full compliance with the care and condition of our dogs, kennel conditions, identification of our dogs and operations.

I have changed policies on this over the years but for safety reasons, We do not do strangers in our home. Even though we have horses, dogs and cows….We are not a zoo and do not do tours, again this is my home! Most people understand this but there is always someone lol. If you don’t, You will need to look for a larger breeder or visit a pet store.

There will be NO visitation on newborn puppies or puppies under 12 weeks of age. Majority of my puppies are reserved off the website before they reach this age. If there is a puppy remaining without a deposit at 12 weeks of age and they have received atleast a second vaccine, a request for viewing will be scheduled then. I rarely have puppies available at this age. Safety of our newborn puppies is a priority at the ranch! NO SALE is worth us losing a litter of puppies because we allowed someone to bring in kennel cough, parvo or some other bacteria or virus. There are several diseases and parasites that can be deadly to a puppy and visitors can bring them in from casual contact, from the bottom of their shoes, hands, clothing, and pets and then it can spread in my puppy building. Most people understand this! I will always take precautions to protect clients reserved pups as well! 

Once a deposit is placed, (depending on the age of the pup), our clients are sent photos of their baby (roughly every 10 days) so they can watch them grow up until 8 weeks of age. All puppies are raised indoors and interacted with daily. Most of our puppies go to their new homes around the 7-8th week, which is what AKC recommends as the best transition period, however this can vary depending on each puppy. (Article below) 

I had a dog disappear, possibly stolen and we have been heartbroken! We have set up camera surveillance in some areas of the property for the future and will continue to add on.

Again, We are a small family breeder and not a dog kennel facility who does tours! If you are looking to tour a facility then you need to find a large breeder who is licensed by the state, and does tours as I am not your breeder, as this is my home. 

Please note, You will not be playing or interacting with any other clients pups that have a deposit, do not ask. For many reasons, especially health reasons and I am not exposing their animal to other people and possible bacteria and viruses!! They have been reserved by them and we have a responsibility to that client!

Example: Muddy Vehicle from roads to our home.....

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 muddy river dachshunds

Akc puppies dachshunds

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