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$595 NONREFUNDABLE Duncan Hines

$595 NONREFUNDABLE Duncan Hines



(ANY BALANCE DUE IS TO BE PAID BY CASH at pick up or Additional 10% fee will be applied to any balance for credit card payments due a week in advance)

By placing a deposit, you agree to our policies and agreed to have read all of our policies under Deposits/Payments/All About Dachshunds/Shipping/ PickUp Info/Contract/Our Puppy Guarantees and Conditions/Visitation and Pickup Tab before placing deposit. Our price incudes the sales tax. 

We do not move deposits or payments to other puppies or switch pups so make sure this is the puppy you want, as you will lose your deposit. By placing a deposit and putting a puppy on hold we are passing on other buyers who would have had an opportunity to place a deposit and purchase this puppy so please be sure you want to place a Nonrefundable payment/deposit.  It will NOT be refunded for any reason, for example you change your mind, you can not get here to pick up the pup due to travel or flight issues, illness, COVID, job reasons, or for any other reason you may have.

Puppies are Sold as Pet only (no papers) or Limited AKC/spay or neuter contract/no breeding rights/No Full AKC. Our contract and guarantees are never Transferrable to someone else should you ever sell the dog! 

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