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AKC Muddy River Cutie Patootie Pie

AKC Muddy River Cutie Patootie Pie

Hi! My name is Cutie Pie! I was named by my 9 year old master! :) I am extremely sweet and have some adorable floppy ears! I look like a teddy bear, just look at my coat! Wow! I like to chew on bones and jump in the pool or water tank for a swim! I am always wet!! I like to be the leader and be in charge of my playmates. 

I am a Chocolate and Tan/cream Longhair Dachshund. I come from Champion Bloodlines.

I am the chunkiest monkey on the ranch at 16.3 lbs. I alway have one of the most popular litters (always mixed with Boo) and prettiest puppies with awesome patterns! (The coat length is long but usually on the shorter side, as Boo coat is not extremely long. It is a lot easier maintenance too). My puppies range in size all over the place from 8lbs to 17 lbs from past litters, so you never know what size pups will be until adult hood.




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