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AKC Muddy River Foxy Loxy

AKC Muddy River Foxy Loxy

Foxy is my name, ankle biting is my game! I am a beautiful beautiful doxie! Very unique looking, smart and sneaky 😳 but sweet as apple pie! I am a longhair but I do not have an extremely long coat which a lot of people tend to like so stickers and dirt don’t cling to me as much. Easy brushing! I do tend to be a little wary of strangers, but once I get to know you, I LOVE YOU!  I have learned to climb some types of fence...thanks to Pancake :(  ...My partner in crime and love to chase the cat up the tree and bark for hours at her! Oh Fun times! 🙄  I am the only pup to come out of the Muddy River Smokee line, Blue and Cream, and will produce some beautiful dilute and chocolate pups! 

I am a Isabella And Tan Dapple Longhair Dachshund. I weigh about 12.8lbs.

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