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AKC Muddy River Pebbles Rock

AKC Muddy River Pebbles Rock

Hi!  My name is Pebbles!

I am one of the most active female dogs on the ranch! I am not scared of much and love to run in circle 8's while my friends chase me around the couch, around the pool, and round and round the cows! (They rarely catch me too!) I am always wet and stinky! My mom will not let me inside the house at times cause it's so bad but I can't help it! I like water and mud! No matter the weather! I love swimming in the water troughs, ponds, or rivers. If you can't find me, I am probably there! Some of my dog lines in my pedigree come from Japan and Canada.

I am a Chocolate and Cream Dapple Longhair dachshund. I weigh 13.2lbs.

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