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Creams Dapple "pancake" Miniature Dachshund Long coat

AKC Muddy River Pancake Is Flippin Amazing

Hi! My name is Pancake!

I come from Champion Bloodlines. First and foremost, I want you to know that I love Cats! I wish I was a Cat. I have a strange obsession with Cats. My cat friend "Nutterbutter" and me play all day. Sometimes I play too rough with the Cat 😬  Forget hunting for gophers like everyone else, I just want to chase the cat. Nutterbutter may hide out in the playhouse or on the trampoline but I will wait for her to come down! I really want a cat companion! :) I also can climb any fence! Yes, ANY FENCE! I am ridiculously smart  and you will not keep me in a yard! 🤔 I should be in the circus! 😳😁 I weigh 10.8

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