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miniature dachshund black and cream puppies

AKC Muddy River Snuggles Is the Bomb

Hi! My name is Snuggles!

I am a future breeder this fall. Yes I do like to snuggle and sleep in the bed. I will cry at the edge of the bed until you pick me up and put me on the bed. I will not stop till you do it! I do whine a lot because I need to have my way! I LOVE to hunt gophers. Scooby and I run off to hunt and look for gophers. We even left for an entire night once on a hunt and my mom was really really mad when we got back! We are pretty small and can get really deep down in the holes. I am a really good escape artist too! I can squeeze through anything! 


I am a Black and Cream Longhair miniature dachshund. I weigh 8.8 lbs

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