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Muddy River Guarantees

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- Puppies will go to their new homes with a Muddy River Contract, a starter packet with lots of information about caring for puppies and even some tips ☺️, a list of shots and wormings completed and a list of future estimated shot/worming dates. All of our puppies are up to date on shots, will have received at least their 1st puppy shot (5 way shot) and will be wormed every 2 weeks before going to their new furever homes!

-Puppies will go to their new homes with a Blanket/Toy from mom and siblings with their scent, along with a sample of food. I am currently using the Purina One Plus Puppy. It can be found on the link below...


-: Puppies will be prespoiled, working on potty training with puppy pads and working on socialization skills. Puppies are kept in a controlled indoor environment in our home and puppy play room and are not exposed to anything outside our home unless vet checked.

- Most Puppies leave for their new home at the 7th/8th week, which is what AKC recommends! HOWEVER, Pick up date is always subject to change if the puppy were to need more time

-Adults and Puppies 6 months and older will go to their new homes with up to date wormings, rabies and completed rounds of shots, and a new heartworm check from our vet. We will also pay our vet to spay/neuter the dog before he/she leaves and then they are picked up directly from our vet after spay/neuter. Any known issues are always disclosed!  Adults are always AS-IS. AS-IS means they do not come with any guarantees! 

All Guarantees and Contract info is NOT Transferrable should you sell the dog to someone else!


                                         🐶 GUARANTEES🐶



We offer a 48 hour infectious disease guarantee against PARVOVIRUS ,DISTEMPER, ADENOVIRUS, PARAINFLUENZA, RABIES, LYME DISEASE, BORDETELLA, LEPTO...starting from the time the dog leaves our care. If your vet has seen the puppy within the first 48 hours and verified the pup is healthy, the 48 guarantee no longer applies since the pup has been confirmed to be of good health by your vet. The 48 hours will not be extended. We can not control the environment they go in after they leave our care nor the care and medical attention they receive after leaving. Parvo, bacteria and viruses are everywhere and highly contagious to puppies at this young age. Don’t automatically assume it is not in your environment because it is everywhere!

 If you believe your puppy to be sick at anytime during the first 48 hours please contact me immediately to return the puppy so I can have him checked by my vet and provide necessary care. We will never intentionally give you a sick puppy and we will take them back and refund the purchase price paid within 48 hours of receiving the pup IF they are confirmed by our vet to be ill.

We DO NOT EVER cover your vet expenses, travel expenses, or any other expenses occurred at anytime. This practice is very standard by most breeders in the industry. 

If your puppy has been vet checked within the 48 hours and found to be in unsatisfactory health by a licensed vet, you may return the puppy immediately at the same place of pickup for a refund of the puppy price ONLY!

Common parasites are always a possibility from mom and are never covered....such as ticks, ear mites, fleas, worms, giardia, coccidia, and demodex manage. However, We do try our best to prevent this! 

If you are coming from out of town or state, this is at your risk if you do not stay in town 48 hours after pickup or have them vet checked locally before you leave with the puppy, as the puppy would need to be returned if in unsatisfactory health within the 48 hours of pickup at the same location as drop off/pick up.

If you choose not vet check within the 48 hours, you agree to the puppy being in good health. The buyer assumes responsibility to carry on with appropriate veterinary care, feeding and vaccinations after pick up.



This limited guarantee covers the cost of the puppy ONLY! Muddy River Dachshunds offers a one year Life Threatening GENETIC Health Guarantee. This covers serious life threatening genetic defects ONLY for 1 year from the puppy's date of birth , IF the puppy would pass away within the first 12 months of life. You must have returned the contract paperwork given at pickup, with it signed and dated , postmarked by email or text within 7 days otherwise the guarantee is void. (Not mailed)

Muddy River Dachshunds guarantees this puppy to be free of serious life threatening genetic defects that make the puppy not suitable for the purpose of being a family/companion pet. The 1 year life threatening genetic health guarantee covers serious life threatening genetic defects ONLY!  A puppy is not deemed unhealthy or unsound due to a slight, or soft, or innocent heart murmur that is not life threatening. Heart murmurs are very common in puppies since they are growing quickly, and they usually outgrow them around 5/6 months. 

Slight genetic or congenital defects or abnormalities that are not considered serious and life threatening are NEVER covered and not a cause for replacement. As an example, If a puppy dies from heart failure in the first year of birth, due to a major heart defect that will be covered under this life threatening genetic defect guarantee. The puppy price is refundable only, as we do not ever pay veterinary expenses.

In the event the puppy develops a serious life threatening genetic disorder within 1 year of the puppy's date of birth, the breeder will require a written report from a licensed veterinarian with proof of the disorder, and we require a review of the report by our veterinarian confirming the disorder. OUR VETS OPINION IS ALWAYS FINAL! IF it is confirmed by our vet as a serious life threatening genetic disorder that makes the pup not suitable to be a family companion animal, we will offer a refund of the price of the puppy ONLY AND the puppy MUST also be returned to the breeder within 48 hours by the buyer so we can seek appropriate care! If you put the dog down without my approval and my vets, there will be no refund of the purchase price.

The breeder is NOT responsible for any associated charges such as shipping, travel expenses or fees, veterinary fees, or stress at anytime.


                              🐶OTHER CONTRACT TERMS🐶

All of our dogs are AKC registered and companion pets. We make NO guarantee that your puppy is show quality or breeding stock, because this of course this cannot be determined at such a young age.

There is NO guarantee on the adult size, conformation, disposition, or color of the puppy, as this can be affected by possible overfeeding, exercise, growth factors, environment, and possible shading of color, which cannot be controlled by the breeder.

 A dogs coloring will change naturally as they grow into adulthood and this is due to lots of factors….genetics, hair type, loss of puppy fur into their adult coat, pigmentation, allergies, hormonal changes, environmental changes, hair care, nutrition and so on. Color changes should be expected as a puppy grows. We will never guarantee a dog’s permanent coat color for these reasons. 

I will never guarantee a size. As a puppy grows it does change size. Sizes of puppies can vary in a litter and each grows at a different rate into adulthood! We breed miniature dachshunds and tweenie size dachshunds. We do not breed toy, or micro dachshunds. I personally think the smaller they are the uglier they are, and they don't have good bone structure and you are sacrificing quality for the size. Keep in mind, Miniature Dachshunds were originally bred down from standard dachshund lines and there are lots of generations of dogs lines that factor into a dogs size that are not controllable...... we can not determine what genes each puppy gets, sometimes they bring a smaller size dog and sometimes they are a larger size dog, sometimes you get a mix of sizes. NO HONEST BREEDER WILL EVER GUARANTEE A SIZE! Breeders can have two 10 pound miniatures mate and produce puppies in a litter that at 1 year of age that have adult weights of  6lbs -17 lbs all from the same litter. I have personally seen it happen, and it mainly has to do with each dogs past genetics/breeding lines and which genes each puppy gets. BUT there are other factors such as the individual dogs growth factors, environment, exercise, immune system, and feedings. There are too many factors that can affect the size of a puppy during their first year of growth. Again, These are not controllable and I will never guarantee anyone a size! 

We are NEVER responsible for any veterinarian fees, test reports, stress, treatments, transportation costs, or any related expenses or damages once dogs leave our care. This has been our policy since 2014 and it has ALWAYS been posted clearly on our website! As stated on the deposit tabs, By placing a deposit on a dog, you agree to abide by our policies and agree to have read all of our policies and guarantees on the website before placing the deposit. Once the new owner takes possession of the dog, the dog is out of our hands and control, now it is your responsibility. This is the industry standard for the majority of breeders! We DO NOT pay for anyone else’s vet fees at anytime, no matter the reason! We DO NOT ever pay for decisions you made on your own and of course we do not pay for services not authorized by us. We recommend purchasing pet insurance which can possibly cover the dogs routine care and emergency issues, if they happen to arise. Same as a human, anything can happen at anytime. We will only pay for our own vet services at our vet clinic! AGAIN>...We DO NOT cover veterinarian fees, test reports, stress, treatments, transportation cost or any other damages or related expenses.

Puppies have been wormed and vaccinated according to the age of the puppy. Buyer realizes that dogs are of course live animals and carries the risk of contracting various parasites, bacteria, and viruses! We CAN NOT control the circumstances, the puppies/dogs heath nor the environment the puppy/dog  goes in after they leave our care. Our puppies are raised in an indoor environment only, never going outside except to the vet and only if needed to limit exposure to organisms that can make them sick. Even though they are raised indoors, common parasites are still possible from mom such as ticks, ear mites, fleas, worms, giardia, coccidia, and demodex manage (A mite is on ALL dogs and even humans). While we always try to prevent this with preventative methods, minor issues can still happen.  All of the following listed are NOT a cause for replacement and not covered under any 48 hour guarantee, as they are NOT serious life threatening genetic problems….Natural aging process, malnutrition, overbite (overbite is always AS-IS - we never make an guarantee on these cause we can’t control how their teeth will grow into adulthood as it can vary pup to pup- and it is very common in all long muzzles breeds including the dachshunds ) , underbite, (cryptorchidism) undescended testicles,  microphthalmia, hearing issues, obesity, entropion, luxated patella, puppy pyoderma, demodex, juvenile cellulitis, irregular eyes or pupil, dappling that occurs in eyes, coloboma, elongated soft palate, allergies, smelly breath, urine odor, heat stroke, hernias, dry eyes, hormonal issues, dermatitis, color dilution, thin hair areas, alopecia, obesity, as well as ANY cosmetic flaws, are NEVER covered and are NOT a cause for replacement. Again, Overbites are very common in the long snouted dog breeds like dachshunds, and their teeth grow at different rates which is uncontrollable and will continue to change through puppyhood. Genetic or congenital defects or abnormalities that are not considered life threatening to the dog are NEVER covered and not a cause for replacement. A puppy is NOT deemed unhealthy or unsound due to a slight, innocent or soft heart murmur. Slight, innocent or soft heart murmurs are common in puppies, usually seen in the larger pups and they usually grow out of them with age and development by about 5-6 months of age.

As stated on the website and in the contract, No damages shall ever exceed the price of the dog should a dispute occur, no matter the reason! If an issue can not be resolved, breeder has the option to demand the dog be returned for a refund of the purchase price only.

All of our dogs are being sold as pets/companion animals only! Failure to return any signed and dated paperwork within 7 days postmarked by email or text voids our guarantees listed above.

By putting a deposit on a dog, you have agreed to have read and accept our guarantees and policies. (It States this on the deposit tab as well) We make no other guarantees than what is on this website or in our contracts.  ALL DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE and NONMOVEABLE. Our contract and guarantees are also not Transferrable to someone else if you sell the dog!

Defamation of character, libel, slander, business interference and violation of privacy rights, as well any Frivolous allegations, harassment, and/or breach of contract will not be tolerated, because you do not agree with my policies and guarantees listed.  As stated on the deposit tab, by placing a deposit you agree to our policies and our guarantees are listed clearly on the website. I will not allow defamation because you just don't like the way I do things. Policies are upfront and clear and By making a deposit you have accepted our policies and guarantees. While most clients I come into contact with are kind, wonderful to work it, and provide wonderful loving and caring homes to my dogs and puppies…Unfortunately, like with any business, we do come across people who are not kind, disrespectful and think they are entitled to make their own policies and rules. I will not bend to threats and demands…. THEREFORE ….IF you do not like our policies, or don’t feel comfortable with how we do things, then DO NOT place a deposit as I am not the breeder for you! I have posted more information and more photos than any other breeders website and I will not change how we do things. Majority of these conditions/guarantees listed are standard practice in the pet industry!  There is a reason we have policies in place. All policies and guarantees are firm. The safety of my family and my dogs is also of upmost importance! I will not deal with lack of respect or being bullied into making exceptions when my policies are listed all over of the website! Please be respectful,  as we are to all clients and potential clients. By placing a deposit, you are agreeing to the terms listed….otherwise you are in breach of contract.  I treat everyone fairly and honestly but demanding that I bend to absurd demands that are not covered will not be tolerated!

Any and all disputes must be resolved directly with breeder in Wilson County, Texas.

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