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Scams and Impersonators are on the rise!! Beware!!

Please be aware there are tons and tons of breeder scams out there. People are constantly stealing my photos and other breeders photos from their websites, Instagram and Facebook and claiming to have dogs and selling pups on our behalf. I have even seen one steal my name and add a word to it. 🤦‍♀️

They are copying my guarantee and using it on other websites and for other breeds saying we guarantee those breeds! We only sell doxies!!! 

I have even seen another dachshund breeder who copied my website pages, almost word for word in some areas and copied many of my ideas and pages. It’s nuts! Breeders should be coming up with their own dachshund process, and motto for what they represent and their own website ideas, not stealing others! I put a heck of a lot of time and work into my website! My website clearly states a copyright and I have continued to change, update and add additional notices of copyright. 

I have recently had people report the same individual in Houston claiming to be the owner of Muddy River Dachshunds, claiming to be my sister 😠, then claiming to own a business with the same name 🙄 but yet has no Facebook page or website but is using mine.

Obtaining funds by deception is a criminal offense and this lady may be selling her dogs with my info or scamming people out of money who knows!!

The only have two methods to pay. Directly off this website or I would send you an invoice by PayPal from this email only

Do not be taken advantage of by criminals, unethical people and breeders!!!! Please report any activity you see directly to me as I will be reporting this law enforcement.

I have a Federal Trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for Muddy River Dachshunds.

Muddy river Dachshunds akc breeder trademarked

REMEMBER NEVER send a money order or wire or bank transfer to anyone you don’t know!!!!!!!!!

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